What is ACLVF?

If you are here for the first time, we appreciate your support and your time greatly! As our very first Blog post — an introductory to us is most definitely due. Finding yourself here: there are likely some questions that are already running around in your head. If any of those feel dire or burning to you, please don’t hesitate to interact with us on our forum and blog, OR send us a message anytime!

This is an exciting time for all of us here at ActionCoach Las Vegas Firms (ACLVF) as we are connecting with all the amazing locals!

The Founder

Our CEO, captain, chief, leader and founder is one-and-only Jodie Sacco: Master of Business creation, coaching, growth + strategy, team training and SO much more! Having lived on 5 continents and speaking 5 languages — Jodie’s Journey, if you will, has taken her to many places and through every level of business operation. Now, as a resident of Las Vegas of over 10 years, Jodie calls it her home and absolutely loves it and its locals.


The ACLVF branch team has grown so fast, having only begun at the beginning of September, and currently is being set up for long-term prospering success!

Each member is a vital pillar of the daily operations of ACLVF. Jodie coaches us through hard moments and bridges any gaps in lack of efficiency and motivation. She inspires us all greatly every single day!

Michelle Daigre is Jodie’s executive assistant, to sum it up shortly! A wearer of endless hats, and the initial member and support system for Jodie and our branch.

Jennifer Jones is our marketing and social aficionado! A designer of hundreds of websites and a grower of social presences from 0 to tens of thousands of viewers + followers.

Kodee Shay is the graphic guru, videography curator, and professional writer in the ACLVF team. His passion and attention-to-detail displayed in all his work, such as our website and branded biz logo!

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