Las Vegas Contractors are lately asking themselves: “What is our supply chain process and procedure? What redundancies do we have in place?” In recent years, Underwriters are looking more closely at quality control and assurance issues among Las Vegas construction contractors as supply chains and labor markets are beset by shortages and delays, which are driving Vegas construction costs higher and making mistakes more expensive.

Las Vegas – photo taken in 2021

The following article on the ‘Business Insurance’ Website does a thorough job at explaining the Supply Chain woes testing Las Vegas contractors right now and the types of things that Vegas construction companies can do to mitigate these issues.

As stated in the article, “It’s a conversation now with everyone,” Mr. Feldman, an Insurance Broker said of his contacts and conversations with clients. “Supply chain is now one of if not the biggest issue that we’re contending with.”

As Las Vegas Business Coaches, we are starting to work with a lot more construction companies to put systems in place to mitigate delays. If you are a Las Vegas Contractor or you own a Vegas Construction Company and you need assistance with supply chain issues and creating redundancies, we can help. Reach out to us here: and we will be back in touch, quickly.


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